Emma Bell – "You get to see people die pretty atrociously"

Emma Bell knows fear. Having faced zombies in The Walking Dead and deadly ski lifts in Frozen, the 24-year-old actress confronts death itself this summer with Final Destination 5. Clearly all this scary stuff has had an adverse effect on the New Jersey native. “If I could have my way, I would play a fairy for the rest of my life,” Ms Bell muses…

Tell us a little about Final Destination 5…
There’s a really big giant catastrophe sequence on a suspension bridge. Actually when I was flying to Vancouver for the shoot, I got up to the ticket counter and the woman there said, ‘Will Vancouver be your final destination?’ I was like, ‘Nooo!’

How do the death scenes compare to the previous films?
The deaths are going to be amazing, you get to see people die pretty atrociously. The writer came up with some really interesting ways to go, I mean just sick, perverted ways to go!

Do you enjoy making horror movies?
Walking Dead is probably the most quote unquote horror, but the quality of that show was so superior. It was more like a character driven drama with zombies.

Via Total Film

Carnage! Beautiful carnage!

Acupuncture death-puncture. Fatal laser-eye surgery. The mother of all traffic tragedies. It can only be the trailer for the latest Final Destination deathfest – the fifth, to be precise. I’ll be honest, I’ve not seen any of the Final Destination movies past the second, but I loved the first two in my teen years and, let’s not kid ourselves, watching people die in sinisterly inventive ways is never going to get boring. Plus, just how cool is that new skull logo?

Of course, the only reason anybody really shows up for these films is to see the opening wreck-scene (check out a rundown of the first three over on YouTube). The first film’s airplane catastrophe still has me brimming with doom-filled thoughts of “What if?” every time I get near a plane. FD5’s cataclysmic (and, er, catalystic?) disaster takes place on a suspension bridge, and looks to be the equal of FD2’s highway pile-up – with added gravity/plunging-into-water issues to boot…

Amping up the hilarious/bloody antics is the promise that there’s a set of new rules at play here – and from what I can tell from the trailer, that includes a horror movie slasher who decides to off his fellow survivors in a bid to escape Death. Nice twist.

One last “Hmm, I may check this one out” musing: Tony Todd’s back! The series’ unsung hero, Todd (aka Candyman) returns as the creepy coroner who always seems to be around when teens get unexpectedly butchered. Wonder who that new serial killer could be. Sweets to the sweet…