Land ahoy

Oh look! It’s the first ever trailer for Steven Spielberg’s mo-cap adap of Tintin! And… oh… wait… It only looks vaguely ‘alright’. Sure there are some nice flourishes and the detail’s impeccable, but it’s not quite looking like the masterpiece The Beard’s been amping us up for.

Colour me old-fashioned, but the motion capture approach just doesn’t work for me. Case in point: Robert Zemeckis. He’s another filmmaker who wrestled with the medium (having a go with The Polar Express and A Christmas Carol). But after the belly flop that was this year’s Mars Needs Moms (2011’s biggest box office turkey so far), he’s retreating back to more traditional methods of moviemaking.

On the evidence of this Tintin teaser, Spielberg may not fare much better. I’m not saying that because I was never a massive Tintin fan (he was always too twee for my liking), nor because mo-cap is flawed (I thought King Kong was a fun ride). Purely going on this first look at the film, there’s no doubt Tintin will have lavish visuals – but it still seems to succumb to the ‘dead eye’ curse that sunk all of Zemeckis’ attempts. Could Tintin be the final nail in mo-cap’s coffin?

Spielberg On Spielberg

What made you finally embrace a fourth Indiana Jones movie?
It’s not for money or success. It’s for the good times. I’ve always said that I had the most fun in my life while making those three movies with George [Lucas] and Harrison [Ford]. It’s a very good story. It’s worth living that long to see!

Do you think your fans would like to see a sequel to ET?
ET was a very personal little picture. My motivation for making it was pure and non-profit based – I didn’t think it would be a hit because it was about kids and no films about kids under 18 were doing any business then. I wouldn’t make a sequel because it couldn’t be superior to the original and I don’t want to blemish a perfect picture.