The A-Z Of Quentin Tarantino

A is for American Idol

While Quentin Tarantino is beyond any reasonable doubt an American idol, we’re actually talking about the TV show. Yes, the colourful karaoke headache that is the search for America’s next best singer.

Tarantino made a guest appearance on the show to ‘direct’ the final seven competitors. His encouragement that contestant Anoop Desai “kill” Bryan Adams’ ‘Everything I Do’ was a particular highlight.

Like Stephen Fry and Ian McKellen dabblings in pop culture, Tarantino’s appearance on Idol wasn’t just a nod-wink joke – it was a sign of his love for all kinds of culture. No matter how glitzy.

40 Greatest Spider-Man Moments

40. Rear Window

A fantastic ending for Spider-Man 2. The cat (or spider) is out of the bag, Mary Jane knows Peter’s Spider-Man, and she’s good with it (what girl wouldn’t like a superhero for a boyfriend?).

Then Spidey’s called away on a mission, and MJ watches him from the window as he swings off through the city. It’s a moment pregnant with the possibilities of the future – what could possibly happen next?

40 Videogames That Need Movies

Fallout 3

The Game: Emerging from Vault 101, the nameless player must search through a post-nuclear Washington DC where the world has become little more than a graveyard.

Movie Version: Another post-apocalypse thriller, in which Mike (Matt Damon) breaks free from Vault 101 when his father goes missing, only to enter a dangerous new world as he searches for his pops.

Directed By: Paul Greengrass knows action and smarts, and we’d kill to see him working with Damon again.