Deserter (2002)

Ten years before he bulked up for The Dark Knight Rises, skinny Tom Hardy’s enigmatic French legionnaire Dupont here easily steals the limelight from Paul Fox’s troubled Englishman, as they’re toughened up by callous sergeants and sent out to protect Algiers from suicide bombers.

It’s punchy at 90 minutes, and features enough blazing gunplay to stop it becoming too Sunday-afternoon special. They missed a trick with Hardy, though – he’s only let off the leash in the final stretch. Still, there’s always Bane… 3/5

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Super! Aka Say Hello To The Man Of Steel

All those behind-the-scenes shots from The Dark Knight Rises that have been hitting the web this week may have made you momentarily forget, but yes, Superman is returning (again) – and here he is!

Not only is this a first shot from director Zack Snyder’s Man Of Steel, it’s also our first look at Henry Cavill as Supes himself. And it’s everything we’d hoped for and more – moody, atmospheric, super-stylish. The super-suit itself is darker than before (and, apparently, shinier), which is fine by me. Cavill’s also giving us everything he’s got with one seriously steely stare.

The only odd thing is the Count Dracula-esque barnet, which seems to have been plied with serious amounts of Brylcreem.

Still, this is very promising stuff. Let’s just hope that Snyder can match his trademark saturated style with a script strong enough to ensure this new Superman really soars…

Amazing artwork?

Just in case the Bane Dark Knight Rises image released on Friday eclipsed buzz for the myriad other comic book movies making their way to the big screen, Marvel have hit back by releasing the first poster for next year’s The Amazing Spider-Man.

Coming over a year before the flick’s actual unveiling, this is definitely one to file under ‘massive tease’. That said, the poster at least gives us the film’s official logo, whick copes well with the elongated title but isn’t massively eye-catching.

As for the mysterious (bloodied?) fabric in the background, is that Peter Parker’s Spidey suit post-battle damage? It certainly looks that way. But what’s most enticing about this new image is the possibility that this poster could actually be the first piece in a jigsaw that will eventually be the film’s official one sheet. Stranger things have happened in the cutthroat world of viral marketing…

Bane of my life

Those concerned they couldn’t get anymore excited about the currently shooting Dark Knight Rises can all breathe a sigh of relief – yes, you can be more excited, and you should be, and that picture up there is why.

Why? It’s the first official still from the threequel, showing off a considerably/impressively beefy Tom Hardy as big brute Bane. It’s a massive difference from the Bane we last saw on the big screen in Batman & Robin – but considering Rises is being helmed by Chris Nolan and not Joel Schumacher, that’s no big surprise. Released via the Bat sequel’s official website, this is obviously a bid to stop unsanctioned leaks from the movie set, as well as stoking the embers of our love for Nolan’s franchise. Quess what – it worked!

And just for comparison’s sake, here’s Jeep Swenson as Bane in Batman & Robin. Spot the difference?

Suits you

I can’t be the only one who’s noticed that Thor seems to have taken fashion advice from She-Ra. Yeah, yeah, so the Thor movie costume design is based on John Kirby’s original ’60s comic blueprint for the character. But there’s no denying the uncanny likeness in Chris Hemsworth’s version of the winged helmet. Hell, he’s even got the golden mane to match.

Speaking of, why has there never been a live-action She-Ra movie? Sure the cartoon always painted her as second fiddle to He-Man, but she’s sexy, has one of the coolest ever super-chick costumes (thigh-grazing!), not to mention her own frickin’ unicorn! Clearly Hollywood execs are still feeling nervous after the failures of Elektra and Halle Berry’s Catwoman. Maybe Anne Hathaway’s new Catwoman in The Dark Knight Returns can set things right? Claws crossed…