20 Coolest Movie Documentaries

Crumb (1994)

The Documentary: Following underground comic artist Robert Crumb and his family.

The Cool: Let’s take a look at the credentials: Terry Zwigoff (Ghost World, Bad Santa) directs, while David Lynch (yes, the David Lynch) produces. Crumb is also intrinsically cool thanks to Crumb himself, who proves to be a compelling subject.

Strange But True: Zwigoff spent nine years making this film, living on an income of $200 a month and suffering terrible back pain that almost drove him to suicide.

50 Coolest Britflicks

39 Steps (1935)

Cool Factor: They don’t call Hitchcock the master for nothing, and here he proves himself worthy of that title. Championing moody imagery and a keen sense of the absurd, Hitch is ridiculously creative – right down to that iconic train scream.

Made In Britain: The “awfully, awfully” dialogue elicits titters nowadays, but that stiff upper lip got us through two world wars, you know.

If It Was American: The FBI would be involved in some way. Party crashers.