The Exterminator (1980)

If you’ve ever wanted to see a man put through a meat grinder, The Exterminator’s here to help. James Glickenhaus’ silly shocker puts the ‘x’ into exploitation: topless ladies get maimed and pimps are roasted alive, which makes up for Robert Ginty’s bland anti-hero, a vigilante bent on bringing down a granny-bashing gang.

More engaging is Basket Case director Frank Henenlotter, whose trip to New York’s once sleazy 42nd street (one of Exterminator’s locations) is the set’s best extra. 2/5

This was the day that Wars

Duh duh duh dum duh-duh dum duh-duh… Amazing how an iconic John Williams score is recognisable even in word form. Speaking of, it’s national Star Wars Day! (May the 4th be with you and all that.) In celebration, Lucas and co announced all the spangly, heart-quickening details about the upcoming Star Wars blu-ray release, including the full list of special features. There’s a lot of them, including a raft of audio commentaries, an entire disc dedicated to Star Wars documentaries and a ton of stuff besides to geek-out over. (Shame they decided to omit Space Balls.)

None of which can surely beat this mind-boggling SW tribute video, which projects Star Wars off into an entire new galaxy of absurd amazingness (cheers to Dan for the heads up)…