Muppets R Us…

What do you want from your Muppet movies? Personally, I want Amy Adams, lots of singing and dancing, Kermit the frog being Kermit the frog, and massive budget-blowing explosions. Which – luckily – is exactly what we get in this first teaser trailer for the new Muppets movie.

Kudos to the trailer mechanics who came up with the crazy-cool concept behind it. The first 50 seconds set up what looks like a drearily predictable rom-com (dubbed Green With Envy) about Amy Adams’ doomed romance with loveable oaf Jason Segel. Then POW, Kermie and Miss Piggy are listed as co-stars. We all love a little wrong-footing in the name of fun, and this tease pulls it off perfectly.

But stop reading these words. Watch the trailer below instead and get that warm fuzzy feeling in your belly that can only come about from watching puppets bounce around on screen while Amy Adams puts her back into numerous musical numbers…

"I could write a blog, I have thoughts!"

Yesterday I waxed lyrical over Jodie Foster. Today… Amy Adams! Her beautiful, porcelain-pale countenance was probably the best thing about my review of 2007. And, to be fair, she’s normally the best thing about anything she appears in. Junebug, Enchanted, Drop Dead Gorgeous (we’ll gloss over this year’s train wreck, Night at the Museum 2).

Now, though, Amy may have met her match. She’s been paired with the inimitable Meryl Streep (herself, a whole other blog entry) for Julie & Julia. It’s a dramatic re-telling of Julie Powell’s book and features a frumped-up Adams (though she still twinkles) and a posh-as-cheese-and-biscuits Streep. It’s out in September, but the trailer’s up, so check it out right now. Hootfest!

Seriously, what are you still doing here? Go! Go! (And I promise my next post will be about something other than fantastic female actors. Maybe I’ll write about cheese. Or something.)