50 Greatest Ghost Movies

The Sixth Sense (1999)
The Movie: M. Night Shyamalan’s confident directorial debut, with one of cinema’s most famous rug-pulling twists. Cole (Haley Joel Osment) thinks he can see dead people, so he starts having visits with Bruce Willis’ bemused psychologist. But is Brucie all that he seems?
If It Had Been Found Footage: “I film dead people…” Cole fishes his dad’s old camcorder out of the attic in order to commit his ghostly visitors to celluloid, with seriously spooky results.

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The Evolution Of Anna Faris

Lovers Lane (1999)

After brief screen stints in 1991 TV movie Deception: A Mother’s Secret and 1996’s drama Eden, Faris finds a role she can really sink her teeth into with Lovers Lane. She plays Jannelle Bay, who falls prey to a Valentine’s Day killer with a steel hook. More worryingly, isn’t there a missing apostrophe in that title?

On the home front, Faris met her ex-husband, Ben Idra, while filming Lane. They married years later in 2004, but divorced after four years citing irreconcilable differences..

Drama Potential? Faris is best known for her comedy chops, and she shines here as a snarky high schooler. The drama goes on around her.