Best & Worst: Friends Movies

Best: Scream (1996)

The Friend: Courteney Cox

The Movie: What started out as a quickie horror script scribbled in mere days by Kevin Williamson (because he needed to pay the rent) quickly turned into one of the most profitable scare-flicks of the ‘90s.

Boasting a wit as sharp as the knives used by the slash-happy Ghostface, Scream all but introduced horror to post-modernism (after director Wes Craven gave it a stab with New Nightmare) and inspired a string of mildly diverting copycats.

As catty news reporter Gale Weathers, Cox revels in shrugging off the cosy sitcom aura of Friends and bares her fangs as a snippy busybody who’ll do anything to get the scoop on a breaking story. Yep, she’s an absolute scream.