Worst To Best: Bruce Willis

Die Hard (1988)

The Film: The action movie to end all action movies – and one of the coolest Christmas films ever made. Officer John McClane (Willis) attempts to free his wife’s high-rise workplace from evil terrorists, who are headed up by the eeevil (cos he’s British) Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman).

Willis Genius: We’d never had an action hero like this before. A wise guy. A tough nut. A one-liner machine. Willis goes through a gruellingly physical performance, coins ever-quotable lines and looks super-cool doing it – and he makes it look EFFORTLESS. This is why he’s a ledge.

20 Weird Movie Haircuts

Working Girl (1988)

The Haircut:
Attack of the ‘80s! Joan Cusack and Melanie Griffith get out the hairspray and backcomb until it looks like they’ve been dragged through a bush backwards. A lot.

Weirdest Detail:
The hair we can handle in a surely-they’re-being-ironic kind of way. But, Joan… shoulder pads?

Does It Work? Only as a threat – hold a live flame near that pile of hair-sprayed curls while screaming “I’m going to do it!” and you’ll clear the room in a New York minute.

30 Awesome Movie Dads

Die Hard (1988)

The Dad: John McClane

The Awesome: John may have fallen out with his wife, but he’s going to do everthing he damn well can to get home in time to celebrate Christmas with his family. Yes, even if that means single-handedly stopping a crew of cunning terrorists who’ve taken over an LA high-rise.

If He Was Bad: He’d yell “Yippee-kay-aye motherfucker” while shoving his wife’s head into the oven.