Super! Aka Say Hello To The Man Of Steel

All those behind-the-scenes shots from The Dark Knight Rises that have been hitting the web this week may have made you momentarily forget, but yes, Superman is returning (again) – and here he is!

Not only is this a first shot from director Zack Snyder’s Man Of Steel, it’s also our first look at Henry Cavill as Supes himself. And it’s everything we’d hoped for and more – moody, atmospheric, super-stylish. The super-suit itself is darker than before (and, apparently, shinier), which is fine by me. Cavill’s also giving us everything he’s got with one seriously steely stare.

The only odd thing is the Count Dracula-esque barnet, which seems to have been plied with serious amounts of Brylcreem.

Still, this is very promising stuff. Let’s just hope that Snyder can match his trademark saturated style with a script strong enough to ensure this new Superman really soars…