Meet Kim Cattrall…

Some days my job is amazing. Alright, most days my job is amazing. But today I got to sit in a room for 20 minutes with Kim Cattrall. Which, for me, is pretty much up there as one of the coolest things somebody can do for 20 minutes.

Cattrall’s doing the rounds for her latest movie Meet Monica Velour, which comes out in just under two weeks. She plays a washed up porn star, bravely scraping off the glossy Hollywood sheen we’re used to her wearing and putting in a career-best performance. It’s a million miles away from Sex And The City. Don’t believe me? Check out the below trailer and then tell me you don’t want to see it.

Strangely, Velour has been denied a cinematic release and is instead heading straight to DVD. That in itself is a small crime, but more so considering Cattrall’s electric, fearless performance. At the end of our chat, Cattrall requested that we urge people to seek out her new movie – especially in light of that straight-to-video fudge up. So, yes, for her, check Monica Velour out if you can (it’s out 4 July). And check back here in a few weeks for my official review and chat with Cattrall.