The Story Behind Bridesmaids

Weddings get a bad rep at the movies. Generally speaking, they’re the scene of more heinous crimes against fashion, friendship and food than your (not so) friendly local Liquid nightclub. Case in point: Bride Wars. My Best Friend’s Wedding. Runaway Bride.

Which is probably why actress and writer Kristen Wiig didn’t want to work on a movie about a wedding. Not at all. Not even when the film she found herself writing with friend/co-writer Annie Mumolo ended up being called Bridesmaids.

“I feel like when we started writing it, we never saw it as a wedding movie,” says the Saturday Night Live alumnus.

“In the earlier drafts for the first three years, there wasn’t even a wedding in it at the end. We didn’t really set out to make it different from other movies or make any statement about those movies.

“We just wanted to write a fun script where our friends could come in and play and write something that had a lot of women in it…”