18 Villains For Green Lantern 2


The Villain: Ridiculously strong and ridiculously evil. Doubt it? Lobo wiped out his entire race on home planet Czarnia (for kicks) before heading to Earth to fight Green Lantern. Also, his name is Khundian for “he who devours your entrails and thoroughly enjoys it”. Lovely.

Coolest Quality: Accelerated healing means Lobo’s near impossible to destroy – his body can repair itself from any kind of assault.

Likelihood Of Appearing: Lobo’s a popular villain in the DCverse – so much so that Guy Ritchie was attached to direct a solo movie outing for him in 2009. That project looks to be all but dead now, though, so an appearance in Lantern 2 is highly likely.

Perfect Casting: Ron Perlman