Emma Bell – "You get to see people die pretty atrociously"

Emma Bell knows fear. Having faced zombies in The Walking Dead and deadly ski lifts in Frozen, the 24-year-old actress confronts death itself this summer with Final Destination 5. Clearly all this scary stuff has had an adverse effect on the New Jersey native. “If I could have my way, I would play a fairy for the rest of my life,” Ms Bell muses…

Tell us a little about Final Destination 5…
There’s a really big giant catastrophe sequence on a suspension bridge. Actually when I was flying to Vancouver for the shoot, I got up to the ticket counter and the woman there said, ‘Will Vancouver be your final destination?’ I was like, ‘Nooo!’

How do the death scenes compare to the previous films?
The deaths are going to be amazing, you get to see people die pretty atrociously. The writer came up with some really interesting ways to go, I mean just sick, perverted ways to go!

Do you enjoy making horror movies?
Walking Dead is probably the most quote unquote horror, but the quality of that show was so superior. It was more like a character driven drama with zombies.

Via Total Film