Abraham Lincoln lives

Who needs history lessons when you’ve got Hollywood? Especially a Hollywood that’s so keen on subverting stone-cold facts for the sake of blinding blockbuster entertainment! Timur Bekmambetov’s Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter promises to do just that.

The first image from the currently-shooting genre splicer’s been released online, and shows off Benjamin Walker as the titular hero. It’s nothing particularly juicy, but it definitely whets the appetite for what is sure to be one of the year’s coolest films.

Based on Seth-Grahame Green’s cheeky bestseller, Vampire Hunter recasts the 16th US President as a bad-ass vamp slayer. I’ve yet to read it, but apparently it toys with history, and posits that the only reason Abe was so keen on abolishing slavery was because the industry was rife with neck-chewers.

Director Bekmambetov’s apparently under strict orders not to talk about his fangy fiends (“The one thing I’m not supposed to talk about is the look of the vampires,” he tells The New York Times), which means we must be in for something really awesome…