Nerd Nirvana…

Courtesy of… Never Been Kissed (1998)

Name Josie Geller
Branded Josie Grossie
Likes Listening to Madonna, wearing highly flammable party dresses and dreaming about Billy Prince.
Worst Moment Being tricked into thinking she’s going to the prom with the hunkilicious Billy, only to have him hurl an egg at her from the limo as he heads to the prom with his real date. Egg… on… face.
Finest Moment “I’m not Josie Grossie anymore!”
Why We Love Her She’s at the ‘extreme’ end of the geek spectrum, burdened with a serious brace face and absolutely zero social skills (who crushes on their unattainable dream hunk so damned blatantly?!) Despite all that, she’s never anything less than sunny, has an undisclosed-but-no doubt-amazing IQ and blossoms into one seriously cool reporter. Plus that party frock would make for a natty fancy dress outfit.