Suits you

I can’t be the only one who’s noticed that Thor seems to have taken fashion advice from She-Ra. Yeah, yeah, so the Thor movie costume design is based on John Kirby’s original ’60s comic blueprint for the character. But there’s no denying the uncanny likeness in Chris Hemsworth’s version of the winged helmet. Hell, he’s even got the golden mane to match.

Speaking of, why has there never been a live-action She-Ra movie? Sure the cartoon always painted her as second fiddle to He-Man, but she’s sexy, has one of the coolest ever super-chick costumes (thigh-grazing!), not to mention her own frickin’ unicorn! Clearly Hollywood execs are still feeling nervous after the failures of Elektra and Halle Berry’s Catwoman. Maybe Anne Hathaway’s new Catwoman in The Dark Knight Returns can set things right? Claws crossed…