The Making Of The Tree Of Life

If director Terrence Malick lived life by a mantra, we’d put good money on that mantra being ‘Slow and steady wins the race’. The cult director of Badlands and The Thin Red Line has been making movies for over 30 years, but until recently he still only had four feature directing credits to his name.

His fifth and latest is The Tree Of Life, a CG-infused dramatic human-struggle genre-splicer that seemingly takes its title from Norse mythology, and has been consistently shrouded in mystery. But like all of Malick’s films, Tree has taken its time getting to the big screen.

With attempts to premiere the film at Cannes falling through and word that CGI work was coming along at a snail’s pace, Tree has failed to break into the public arena just yet. Which only serves to make the project even more enticing. Because Tree could just be Malick’s most ambitious, outrageous work to date…