Face smoosh!

So a bombastic, smashy, clingfilm-shiny new trailer has been released for Transformers: Dark Of The Moon, the third film in the robotics-scrap-til-we-cry-from-boredom franchise from Michael Bay. And while there really is a lot of robots and scrapping and smashy stuff, the thing that stood out for me was – face smooshing!

Poor Rosie Huntington-Whiteley appears to have signed on to replace Megan Fox in this threequel just so Shia LaBeouf can mould her face like it’s a head-sized hunk of clay. It’s like that bit in one of the Friday The 13th sequels where Jason crushes a gal’s head with his bare hands. Awesome!

Oh, there’s also a cool bit with a building-destroying Transformer, but the face smooshing scandal is far more interesting…

Edited to add this image from Friday The 13th Part 3D, in which poor Rick has his head squeezed so tight by Jason that his eye pops out – IN 3D!