From Kick-Ass to bad-ass

“Tony’s really the perfect superhero director in a lot of ways,” points out comic book author Mark Millar, “he basically invented the fast cut action that works so well in superhero movies.” That ‘Tony’ is Tony Scott. Fresh off last year’s runaway (train) hit Unstoppable, the Brit Top Gun director will soon tackle the movie adap of Millar’s newest creation Nemesis, which poses the tantalising question: ‘What if Batman was the Joker?’ Uprooting comic book tropes, Nemesis is the world’s first super-criminal, an intelligent, ghostly cop-killer swathed in a white cloak who’s bent on bloody destruction. With a script currently being written, Millar’s already mulling over possible casting: “In my head when I was writing I saw Nemesis as Johnny Depp, but after The Tourist I realised he might actually be too old for the part.” Either way, the comic guru “can’t wait to see Nemesis as a film”. Bring on the bad-ass!

Via Total Film