Margarita Levieva – "I certainly feel lucky"

“This year has been crazy in the greatest way possible,” laughs Margarita Levieva. It’s not hard to see why. Having made waves with roles in Spread and Adventureland, 2011 has the 30-year-old’s slate packed with fantasy Knights Of Badassdom, drama The Lincoln Lawyer and The Stand-Up. “I certainly feel very lucky…”

Knights Of Badassdom looks pretty interesting…
I have no idea what we’re in for! I’m really excited, it was such a fun script. It’s comedy, adventure, horror. It was my first time doing a lot of green screen work, which I enjoyed. It’s a different animal.

The Lincoln Lawyer has a great cast…
Yeah, awesome cast! I worked with Matthew McConaughey and Ryan Philippe, they’re certainly easy on the eyes. There’s a scene where I have Matthew, Ryan and Josh Lucas in front of me, and I was like, “Okay, this is not work.”

Tell us a bit about The Stand-Up…
It’s a drama but then it’s funny, and it’s a love story. But it’s filmed like a documentary, very real. You feel like you’re looking in on someone’s life.

Via Total Film