Alien express

Some actors prepare for a film by reading a book or changing their hair colour. For Paul, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost decided to drive across America in an RV. “We did a road trip,” says Pegg. “We did the journey that’s in the film from California down to Miami and had an incredible adventure. A lot of what happened in that trip is included in the film – including meeting an alien.”

Back up, alien? That’s right. Having clashed with zombies and corrupt coppers, Pegg and Frost figured it was high time they took on the universe. Sort of. Like all their other ballistic buddy-ups, Paul – the first film script the pair have pot roasted together – promises a sandstorm of gags, guffaws and gripping drama.

Unlike their other films, this one has a filthy little alien (that’ll be Paul), who’s voiced by Seth Rogen and rendered on-screen by CGI.

“I studied with Andy Serkis for years,” jokes Rogen. “I was thrilled by how funny it was. Then I was told I would be wearing a spandex costume for a week. I was excited to take this technology that many very smart people have taken a very long time developing and pretend to jack-off with it.”

Discovered by Pegg and Frost’s characters when they embark on a Stateside road trip, Paul – a diminutive ‘grey’ who’s sort of a cross between American Dad’s Roger and a fratboy stoner – causes chaos for our intrepid fanboys. Chaos that’s helmed by none other than Superbad director Greg Mottola.

“If I could ever make a movie as good as Shaun Of The Dead I’d retire,” Mottola sighs. With Paul’s cast featuring the likes of Jason Bateman, Kristen Wiig, Jeffrey Tambor and first lady of sci-fi Sigourney Weaver, he may have just made that movie.

Nick Frost Q&A
Pegg’s right-hand man talks road trips and being a thug…

Is Paul the first time you’ve written with Simon Pegg?
We’ve written lots of weird sketches and sitcoms together. But this was the first thing that we saw through to the end. To the climax, if you will.

How was the road trip?
The thing about doing a road trip in America is you draw the route on a big map, and it doesn’t look that far. Then after you’ve been driving for 10 hours the first day you realise you’ve gone a centimetre. It takes so long.

What got you into films?
Meeting Simon when I was 21 years old. Before meeting Simon I was a bit of a thick thug. Now I’m a slightly smarter thug.

Would you ever work with Jessica Stevenson again?
[joking, we think] I’ll say no.

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