Alan Arkin – "Long speeches take too long to learn!"

Congratulations on being the first member of our 100 club!
The 100 club? I’m not old enough! Is that true? I better lie down then, I’m awfully tired.

Have movies changed much since you first began?
I feel like they used to be a lot more personal than they are now. Over here anyway it’s got a lot more corporate. Except for the low budget films.

What have you learned from the industry?
I have learned never to do night shooting and never do any long speeches. Night shooting is exhausting. And long speeches just take too long to learn! I want to have fun these days.

How was it winning the Oscar?
You know, I have a lot of mixed feelings about it. I don’t feel like anybody in the world has the right to say who’s done a better performance than somebody else.

What’s kept you in the industry for so long?
I’m still alive! That’s what’s kept me in for so long. It’s a way of making a living.

What advice would you give somebody entering the industry?
Keep out of thinking of it as an industry. I went into it thinking of it as art. If people want to go into an industry, they should go to a business administration school.

Via Total Film