I Heart Sigourney

Film scores rule. Not a massively earth-shattering statement, I’ll admit. But right now I don’t think there’s anything better on this planet. Why? Well, I’ve just gotten in from a night at the Royal Albert Hall for ‘Filmharmonic 2009′. Heh, that name still gets me. What was it about? Well shove me in a tutu and call me Dolly if it wasn’t the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra putting on a three hour live show of some darned tootin’ classic film theme tunes. A. May. Zing! I’ll go off on a blog-tangent tomorrow when I’ve stopped jiggling to the Rocky anthem that is disco-lighting the inside of my skull. For now, here’s a clip of Sigourney Weaver (man-crush!) pretending to be Russian and singing a very patriotic ditty… Night folks.