Wall•E OST

Artist: Various
Distributor: Walt Disney Records

Soundtrack Rating: 4/5

Predictable as punch. Oh, not the soundtrack to Wall•E. No, we’re talking about the media hoo-ha that smothers every new Pixar product – hoo-ha that focuses primarily on the eye-watering pixelated glory of Lasseter and co’s latest visual treat. Of course, Lasseter and chums are more knowing than that – what are visuals without volume? Rubbish-clearing a neat path between old classics (Louis Armstrong’s ‘La Vie En Rose’ is to die for) and right-modern sci-fi string plucking, erstwhile robot Wall•E’s heart is firmly embedded in composer Thomas Finding Nemo Newman’s gentle, atmospheric tinkling. Harps proclaim the sleek wonder of ‘Eve’, ‘The Spaceship’ adds scale and blast, and ‘First Date’ provides a timeless, woodwind-fuelled dance among the daisies. Kudos also for the inclusion of cheeky corporate advert ‘BNL’. So… predictable?

Via Total Film