Sex And The City OST

Artist: Various
Distributor: Decca

Soundtrack Rating:

Bubbly as a flute of Cristal (and just as frothy), the songs shepherding Carrie and co’s tangled love lives onto the big screen faithfully follow in the Fendi-steps of the series. Tracks from Kaskade and a remixed Nina Simone tap into the late-night raunch, while Fergie’s opening ‘Labels or Love’ riffs RnB-style on the show’s eponymous theme tune. Top dog, though, is India Arie, whose epic ‘Heart of the Matter’ segues into Bliss’ ‘Kissing’ to soul-rending effect. If the album’s first half is a cocktail of indie Gap ad sound-a-likes, it’s the second half that really takes things to town – featuring Al Green, Run DMC, and a surprisingly natty cover of Bee Gees’ ‘How Deep is Your Love’. Bowing out with a show-stopping movie-sized update of the opening theme, this is girly but Gucci-slick. Now, about that glass of Cristal…

Via Total Film