Susan Sarandon & John Goodman Q&A [Speed Racer]

The family film’s a pretty tough nut to crack…
JG: You have to have a good family. You have to care about them more than you really do about the racing, and the racing’s pretty damn exciting. So yeah I think we cracked that nut.
SS: The hook that got me involved, the Wachowskis were telling me that for them it’s really so much about the corporate controlling and take-over of all kinds of sports against the individual that this family represent. Mom and Pops’ business is not under the corporate control, but that’s where the conflict is in the film, the corporation tempts [Speed] with an easy fix on sports.

Did you get in on any of the action?
JG: I did some fight scenes. I didn’t have to race anything, thank God. The action I was involved in was fight scenes. Mine was more American style big time wrestling, the other guys did Japanese martial arts. It was fun.
SS: I didn’t! I flip a lot of pancakes is about the most violent thing I do. But I kept saying, ‘Isn’t there somewhere that I should be hitting someone over the head with the pan? Can’t I have the pancake pan in my purse? An iron skillet, and I just hit somebody with that?’ But that didn’t work into the script.

How was it working with the Wachowskis?
SS: I adore them. They’re the sweetest, most original, brilliant team. They run a very tight ship, they know exactly what they want. They are wild cards.
JG: Very funny people, very creative. I just hope we do it again, I hope we do a couple more, I’d love that. But that’s putting the cart before the horse, or counting the eggs, or whatever goddamn cliché you wanna come up with!

Via Total Film