Christina Ricci Q&A [Speed Racer]

So this is your first big action blockbuster…
You’re right, I haven’t done an action film before in any way, shape or form. And this movie, even though a lot of things are [CGI], it’s still very action-y, we still had to train for things, there’s still a lot of fighting in it. So it was really, really fun. Afterwards I was just like, ‘I only wanna do action films.’

The action sounds like it was a blast…
My shining moment was when I learned from our head stunt person – [Chad Stahelski] who doubled Keanu in The Matrix – how to pick up a gun mid-cartwheel, land, and aim. I’m like, ‘I’m done. I have arrived, that’s all I need.’

What was it like working entirely against green screen?
Every day we walked into a giant neon green sound stage. What I did was give myself over to Andy and Larry’s imagination. If you let go of any self-consciousness and just kind of go for it, you trust them and you look at it as fun, it ends up just being fun. You feel like you’re a kid play acting all the time.

What attracted you to the part of Trixie?
She’s an awesome role model for girls. She does things like fighting and driving, she flies her own helicopter. But she has a special outfit for each activity, so she gets to be as girly as she wants and do all the things the boys do. That’s feminism, right there.

Via Total Film