The Heartbreak Kid OST

Artist: Various
Distributor: EMI

Soundtrack Rating: 3/5

Welcome to Total Film’s Guide To Creating A Rom-Com Soundtrack. Step One: open with something loud and snazzy to seize your listener’s attention. The Flaming Lips are a pretty sexy safe bet, with their belting guitars and trippy mixing. Step Two: blend in some old classics for nostalgia’s sake. Take care not to place these after something like the Flaming Lips, though – Buva’s ‘First Cut Is The Deepest’ is liable to sound its age. Step Three: chuck in some classic Bowie – he’s always good value. If possible, sprinkle a few of his tracks throughout to make the album sound classier than it really is. Step Four: Remember, American soft rock is always good filler. And so, dear student, follow these few, simple steps, and soon you too could produce a 14-track record befitting of a Ben Stiller comedy. Oh, wait…

Via Total Film