Superbad OST

Artist: Various

Soundtrack Rating: 4/5

The last weeks of high school, exhilarating and terrifying in equal measure. The leash of faculty power is loosening; the world, as they say, is your oyster. So how to musically emote such uncertainty? Roll out the 70s funk, man! Capturing Superbad’s humour and heart perfectly, warm 70s-inspired vibes – all excitable riffs and doped-up happiness – tap into the chaotic hormonal mindscapes of the burgeoning every-teen. Composer Lyle Workman re-united musicians of James Brown’s alumni to perform the orchestral score, and the resultant music pumps with the nervous energy of summer vacations spent road tripping and testing fake IDs. Top tracks ‘Superwhat?’ and ‘Sleeping Bags’ intermix the energetic and the contemplative. Trumpets toot, guitars glide, and before you can let rip a boomchikawowow along come Sergio Mendes’ ‘Roda’ and The Bar-Kays’ ‘Soul Finger’ to expertly punctuate the orchestral offerings. Super stuff.

Via Total Film